Finding a Qualified, Certified, and Licensed HVAC Contractor in is mandatory for proper installation, service, and most vital.. your peace of mind.  The LAST thing you want to do is spend hours researching or finding a Contractor when you furnace or air conditioner goes out…  but at the same time you want the problem fixed quickly and cost effectively. Listed below is a quick list of some things to look for in a Mounds View, MN Air Conditioning Contractor.


The most common, fairly reliable, (and not to mention quickest) way to find a Contractor is by word of mouth.  We have all done this countless time before; but with the advent of the Internet and (more importantly) Social Media the process is even quicker.  Now, as well as, asking your friends and family, you can check your social media sites such as a company’s Facebook Business Page or Google Page for reviews or levels or service.  Make sure to look at the date of the testimonials.  Are they current?  Are they for specific projects or general construction?  Did the testimonials mention the contractor’s professionalism?

Speaking with the Contractor

Air Conditioning contractor Mounds View MNWhile there is absolutely nothing against National Franchises, most people agree that they would prefer a locally owned and operated business to work with.  When searching for local businesses, make sure to ask if they are licensed, bonded and insured in case of any issues down the road.  One of the main concerns with a Home Owner searching Locally is if the Contractor has a track record of experience and a high level of service hours.  Look for a Contractor that has been in business for a long time, there is a very good reason for that.  Also, look for a Contractor that can provide 24 hour service.  Those three items will quickly narrow your search.
Once you have narrowed down your search (and time permits) and you are on the phone with the contractor; ask for customer references if you would like to see more.    While speaking with the contractor, now is the time to make sure to discuss project timelines and costs.  Make sure to ask if there is a FREE ESTIMATE.  Some contractors may charge you just for coming out to your home, though this is uncommon.

Warranties and Service

Manufactures typically only provide a 2 yr part warranty which excludes labor.  However, contractors typically provide labor warranties themselves. Make sure to ask if their warranty covers parts as well as labor and make sure to get it in writing if necessary.  Finally, your contractor should discuss maintenance and preventative service as needed.  Arctic Mechanical is proud to be a locally owned and operated with over 45 years of experience.  Contact us today to learn more.