6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an HVAC Contractor

There are many questions that should be answered when hiring an HVAC company, whether it is for residential or commercial services.

Do they have a credible website?

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people never look beyond the organic search on Google. They simply call without verifying that they are actually a business. Some contractors only have a social media page because they have no intention of sticking around. Beware!

Do they have online reviews?

If they have fewer than 50 reviews or less than a four-star rating, be careful. After a certain point people run out of family members and friends and their work begins to speak for itself.

Have they been around for longer than a year?

Opening a new business may be great for the owner, but many new businesses struggle to stay afloat. The company you’re relying on could be close to going out of business and not able to help you when you need it.

Are they licensed and insured? 

A handyman is great to fix a door or a plugged sink, but repairing, replacing, or installing HVAC equipment requires certain licenses to pull permits and ensure your contractor actually knows how to handle potentially dangerous utilities such as gas lines. This is something you don’t want to get wrong.

Do they make you feel pressured to buy?

If you begin to feel uncomfortable because you are experiencing undo pressure to purchase—that is a red flag. There is something wrong. If you experience this, thank the company for their time, insist that you need to get a second opinion, and don’t allow them to do the work. Companies that practice high-pressure sales often lack the integrity to keep their word once they complete the work.

Are they offering the lowest price?

Now this may be counterintuitive because most consumers want to pay the lowest price possible. However, the people that often charge the least tend to move quickly rather than carefully. These companies continually pursue the next sale to stay afloat and often don’t have systems in place to back up the work they do.

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