Gas Furnace Installation in Maple Grove, MN, MN 55311

“Just wanted to reach out to say thanks to Ryan and team for the furnace install earlier this year. Been meaning to do this for a while and just didn’t get it done. Since the install was done in May/June, didn’t have need to run the furnace much until the weather cooled down. I’m so happy with the new unit. It’s WAY quieter than the old one (let’s just say that it doesn’t feel like the jets are on the runway when it fires up…) and the whole house feels warmer. When I put my foot over one of the vents on the second floor, it’s actually warm! That hasn’t happened in a while. The new thermostat is easy to program as well.
Job well done. Wish we’d done it sooner, – but comforting to know we have a much more efficient unit in place heading into a winter where heating costs may be a bit unreasonable.

Thanks again. Just shared your contact info with my son, who has a co-worker at with some issues – not sure if it’s HVAC or water heater. Regardless, hope he reaches out soon. I highly recommended you! I told him to have his friend mention that I’d referred you. You guys will always have my business. Happy to sing your praises.

Tracy M, Maple Grove.”

– Tracy M.